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  1. Good day! It's been a while. Are you still interested in applying or do you want to cancel your application?
  2. Congratulations, you've been accepted! Welcome to the SW familia! You may now register on our website. Please make sure you use Xeltran(male) or Xeltrina(female) before your preferred username without spaces in between. Remember, this will be used on this site and in-game. Leave a reply on this thread with your display name for approval of your account. We'll wait for your reply.
  3. I'm too excited for pRO.

  4. With less than 2 weeks of Philippine Ragnarok Online's Closed Beta Test, guilds from all over the country are recruiting left and right to be the best. Steelwolves is no different. eSports in the Philippines is definitely getting stronger. 2016 was dubbed the best year for e-athletes, here and abroad. Steelwolves is no stranger to this. For 20 years, they have actively participated in competitions that garnered their sought after reputation. It's not a surprise that old flocked to home base and signed up for the re-opening to Ragnarok Online. With one of the biggest communities, Electronics Extreme predicts the revival of Ragnarok World Championship. Lucky for you, Steelwolves is recruting new members to join them to build their 20-guild roster. Before you run over to their site and register, here are five things you should know about Steelwolves Commitment is a must You will be joining a history-rich guild so you must be able to commit into the guild, from application to actual attendance. The years of experience its founding member and core group refined how the guild is run so it is imperative that you're committed into following their guidelines. Make sure to read and understand all the rules upon application. These are very apparent in their website. It is also your duty to read posts and be updated. Everything is posted accordingly so there is no reason for you not to be aware of what's going on. The game has not started but the member allocation has so if you want to join the Steelwolves, now is the best time. You will get to know your guild master and strategies will be passed on to you. Quality over quantity Wolves come in packs. 20 packs for Philippine Ragnarok Online. This is easily misinterpreted by people that Steelwolves is just gathering members by the number. In its 20 years, the company the guild keeps are those who are truly skilled and dedicated. They won several competitions here and abroad and those are not merely because of its huge member base. These wins are based on time-tested skills and strategies perfected with practice. Those seeking membership will notice that the application process is thorough. It is reviewed personally by the core group and they will seek clarification if necessary. They make sure that you're on the same page as they are and ready to take on the future. Camaraderie on all levels In support of the previous point above, the quality of friendship found within its member base is strong. It is heavily emphasized that the guild has each other's backs and very much willing to support you in your endeavors. It is no wonder why the Steelwolves have branched out in other ventures, beyond the gaming world. Both online and offline bonds are deemed important when you become a member. So once you commmited into the guild and raised the quality of your gaming, you'd also find yourself immersed in a nurturing community. You will be treated like family. If you are unsure and feel like you don't belong, you can always reach out to the higher ups. They are very approachable. It is important to note that forming good relationships is a two-way street so you must be resolve struggles, personal and communal, in a civil manner. Your guildmates will be there for you. If you're interested in joining the Steelwolves, head on over their website and follow the instructions in registering. See you in game! *All photos are pulled from Steelwolves and Ragnarok Online public images. Credits to their original owners. originally posted on Rappler X