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      PRESS RELEASE   07/30/2017

      Xeltran Steelwolves Empire started before the dawn of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines from different games and activies. Some of us started in Chaos when the server first launched but we eventually settled in Sarah server. Most of the guilds we have played within that server know us. ** The almighty Steelwolves of pRO Chaos Server is a different faction from Xeltran Steelwolves Empire. Their accomplishments and achievements are solely their own, and not connected to us in any way or form. We take no credit for it whatsoever.** We are a non-profit community. We aim to unite gamers from different guilds and various games & activities whilst upholding friendship and camaraderie. We have never asked for any membership fee, nor have we sold merchandise to any of our members or non-members. The items provided as uniforms have different suppliers and contacts, and are all personalized & free. Members who want alterations done or further customization may request from these suppliers but it will be at their own cost. Furthermore, we provide incentives and reward members for their success. It need not be mentioned where these monetary benefits 
      come from as it is being gifted to people with exceptional performance within the guild, without seeking fame nor personal gain. An apology is much needed towards Steelwolves of pRO Chaos. We are sincerely sorry for the mistakes that lead to all this 
      commotion. We respect your own community and take pride in sharing the same name. Xeltran Steelwolves Empire will be uniquely 
      identified with the insignia of "Xeltran" or "Xeltrina" in all of its members and leaders. To the rest of the gaming community, we too, would like to extend our apologies. We respect each individual's opinion and will make 
      atonement for it moving forward. Necessary adjustments and revisions will be done across all our platforms in due time. The Xeltran Steelwolves Empire would like to thank all the guilds who helped pave the way to this resolution. We aim to continue enjoying a friendly and non-toxic environment. We are currently playing in Thor, and we welcome competition. This matter is being put to an end and we will no longer be addressing any further comments about it. We wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors.
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Episode 1 • Year 2004

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Chaos Server is basically divided into three major or at least "known factions". These are the prominent players in our server.

Aftermath/Rebirth Faction:

2.Revelations 15:1
3.Digital Devils
4.Project Mayhem
7.Mors Mortis
8.Blood Trident
9.The Crow

Steel Wolves Faction:

1.) Steel Wolves
2.) Apocalypse
3.) Saints
4.) Tyrants

The Alliance:

1.) Shadow Circle
2.) Grand Lethal
3.) Sustainers of the Realm

Episode 1 

Geffen (Britoniah)
1. Repherion - Renegades®/Grand Lethal
2. Eeyorbriggar - Shadow Circle
3. Yesnelph - Shadow Circle
4. Bergel - Shadow Circle
5. Mersetzdeitz - Insurrèction

Al De Baran (Luina)
1. Neuschwanstein - Steel Wolves
2. Hohenschwangau - S I N (taken from Mors Mortis Knights)
3. Nuernberg - Saint.
4. Wuerzburg - Project: Mayhem (taken from Steel Wolves)
5. Rothenburg - Remarque (taken from Steel Wolves)

Prontera (Valkyrie Realm)
1. Kriemhild - Strong Hold
2. Swanhild - Tyrants
3. Fadhgrindh - Wassup Fool?!? (taken from BloodTrident)
4. Skoegul - Dark.Descendants
5. Gondul - Tyrants

Payon (Greenwood)
1. Bright Arbor - Judgement
2. Scarlet Palace - Grand.Lethal (taken from Mors Mortis Angelz?)
3. Holy Shadow - Legion Of Vindicators?
4. Sacred Palace - Sustainer of the Realm
5. Bamboo Grove Hill - Monkey Clan? (taken from S I N)


In a daring move by the Aftermath Alliance, they invaded Aldeberan. Their target was the crowd favorite and well loved guild of the Steel Wolves. According to my sources, the Steel Wolves were caught completely off guard, unable to defend well because they have been expecting another peaceful WoE (nobody really attacks the crowd favorite).

In a blitzkrieg like attack, Project Mayhem and Remarque stormed the almost defenseless castles of Steel Wolves. Two of three agits fell.

Apocalypse, on the other hand, failed to retrieve their old agit in Aldeberan. Bereft of help from Steel Wolves, they were easily overwhelmed by Mors Mortis, but later on SIN was able to sneak in a late Emperium Break.

The Alliance moved in Payon once again. Shadow Circle was unable to unseat the defensive juggernaut known as Judgement. Shadow Circle is gunning for its 4th agit, something that has never been done in pRO Chaos. Grand Lethal was successful in retaking their old payon agit, garnering one more agit for the Alliance.

Brethren and Extreme Pinoys also launched offensive campaigns against the Shadow Circle. Brethren was successful in breaking the emperium the first time, but it was quickly regained and held by the Shadow Circle again.

News has already started to spread around about the plans of the Steel Wolves to launch a counter attack this coming WoE. Rumors are also flying that The Alliance is interested in gaining an agit in Aldeberan. The Aftermath Alliance is also concentrating heavily on Alde, seeing as that dungeon can give the best XP in the game, though there are no known good drops from the monsters that reside in that dungeon.

The Alliance: Total of 6 Agits (3 SC, 2 GL, 1 Suste)
Steel Wolves Faction: Total of 4 Agits (1 SW, 1 Saint, 2 Tyrants)
Aftermath Faction: Total of 1 Agit (1 Project Mayhem)

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Someone should post these stories in the official forums of the new pRO, they are all well written and may inspire another epic saga in the upcoming pRO. Good read :) Thank you for sharing these.

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Aah I agree with @XeltranSolueta, this'll be a good comic or maybe in a manga-style. Informations are well detailed and artists can play with their imagination in creating this epic story. hmmm- maybe someday . . . SW comic strip per episode update. hmmmmmm

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