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Welcome to SteelWolves 


Register now to get updates from upcoming news, events, and gatherings!


Once registered and logged in, you can participate to any group discussion and/or contribute to any existing content. You can also view photos and videos of SteelWolves and communicate with other members via your own private box, plus much more!


Please make sure to read and follow the Rules and Regulations.




1.              REGISTRATION

a.              Use Xeltran ( Male ) / Xeltrina ( Female ) for your display name as a uniform of our guild. (eg. Xeltran abcde / Xeltrina 12345)

b.             Do not use names or titles with offensive or inappropriate words, which might directly or indirectly offend other players.

c.              Be responsible with the security of your account. Be certain to create a strong and secure password that you will not easily forget.

d.             Use our own domain for the email address.


2.              BEHAVIOR

Good behavior must be observed at all times. Members must respect each other. Avoid unnecessary use of profanity and/or offensive language that may offend others.


3.              ELECTION / CONSULS

Appointing Consuls and or wanting to be elected as leaders should consult first the Higher Ups. or Appointed by Higher ups.


4.              THREAD POSTING

Be as specific as possible. Make sure to provide good description to your topic so that others won’t be confused with the thread.


5.              DUPLICATE THREAD

Avoid having duplicate topic. Utilize the search function to make sure that multiple threads with the same topic don’t exist.



If you have any complaints against your co-members, please approach your superiors. Let’s keep calm and fix our concern through proper communications.



Posting inappropriate links and/or screamers are forbidden.
*Screamer links can have a serious effect on those with Epilepsy or heart conditions.


8.              REPORTING MEMBERS    

Moderators can’t be ubiquitous at all times. If you see members who shows inappropriate behavior, report it immediately to moderators.






In-game Etiquette:


1.              IN-GAME BEHAVIOR

Inappropriate behaviors toward the game such as Chaos and PK in wrong times and consecutively deposit zeny in guild will not be tolerated and will subject to a disciplinary action.



2.              CORE ITEMS

Always carry core items in your bags such as teleport and pots. This is to avoid inconvenience during a fight delaying an important objective.


3.              PRIORITY SPEAKERS

When the leader or one of the commanders of the guild has an important announcement, others should give way and listen.



Attend to guild calls. When on a guild call, make sure to focus to the objective and avoid having unnecessary topic disturbing the goal. Stay aware and always participate in order to help. Guild’s objective always comes first before others.



Loots will be distributed according to the amount of drops, needs, and leadership decisions.



BUG EXPLOITATION IS HIGHLY PROHIBITED. It doesn’t matter if it’s just trivial or a game breaking bug. We are a guild capable enough to play the game without these cheats.  We are a clean guild and let’s help each other to keep it that way.



DISCORD & Team Speak:   

a.                   Our Community Game play is based on Discord. We communicate and organize everything using it, so every player should try to use it at all times when online.

b.                  Discord Members should follow the exact format. ( see Discord for more references

c.                   Use push-to-talk or voice detection. Avoid talking too much and always be as direct as you can be. Also, try not to make unnecessary noises near your mic that may disturb the communication.

d.                  Team speak is also being use when we are in a party, group or War of Emperium.  This promotes good communication and will allow you to build better relationships with your guild mates.

e.                  For discord channel division, avoid messing around in channels you don't belong to. If you're in the music channel, please don't make noises while the music is playing or someone is playing it. Do not intervene with their request and wait for your turn instead.


(Rules are subject to change without prior notice.)



(Note: Warnings maybe given through private message.)


Degree of offense


1st degree

Warning from mod.

2nd degree

Last warning from mod.

3rd degree

Temporary ban.

4th degree

Permanent ban.







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